We Help You Throughout The Bankruptcy Process

Bankruptcy issues can be confusing. Financial warning signs can grow into bigger problems quickly. That is why we lay out a timeline designed for your situation. From choosing the right Chicago bankruptcy attorney to rebuilding your credit after filing, we answer all your questions and can help you decide if filing bankruptcy is right for you.

To start, you may wish to explore the different Bankruptcy Code chapters:

  • Chapter 7: Receive a fresh start by discharging all of your eligible debt.
  • Chapter 13: Individuals who can afford to pay some of their debt back can establish a repayment plan with Chapter 13 bankruptcy while keeping their home.
  • Chapter 11: Also known as "business reorganization bankruptcy," Chapter 11 permits a company to set up a repayment schedule, allowing for the retention of professional relationships and continuation of business operations.

Chapters 9, 12, and 15: These chapters deal with bankruptcy options for farmers, fishermen, municipalities and cross-border cases.

Experienced Guidance That Puts Your Finances First

Bankruptcy is a big decision. Because we have helped over 50,000 individuals and businesses obtain bankruptcy relief, it is likely we have seen a similar issue to the one you are facing. That is why we have provided information and answers to a wide range of common bankruptcy concerns and questions. From start to finish, we will be with you throughout your case. You can also find more information below:

Foreclosure Assistance: If you want to prevent a foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy may be an option that could save your house. It is not, however, the only option you may have. Our lawyers will provide you with the foreclosure information you require.

Stop Creditor Harassment and Discharge Debt: Usually filing for bankruptcy puts an automatic stay on most collection activities. This allows our lawyers to prevent creditors from making harassing phone calls, work to get your repossessed property returned and put a stop on wage garnishments.

Depending on which chapter is filed, most types of debt can be eliminated. For those that cannot be discharged, our attorneys will guide you through the best way of getting these debts under control. We offer valuable advice and assistance for clients concerned about student loans, tickets, child support obligations and monthly expenses.

Protect Yourself From Unethical Practices: A few precautionary notes: Watch out for lawyers who claim to be "experienced," but are actually new to bankruptcy law practice, although they may be experienced in other areas. Likewise, watch out for mortgage industry agencies that do not have your best interests at the heart of their lending practices. Finally, watch out for unscrupulous debt counseling, debt settlement or debt consolidation enterprises that create problems rather than provide true debt relief.

Billbusters, Ledford, Wu & Borges, LLC, has the level of experience and the genuine answers that our clients seek. There is no substitute for an experienced bankruptcy law firm.

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