Get Rid Of Medical Bills Through Bankruptcy

Because of the high cost of medical care and treatment, medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Nearly one-third of all bankruptcies filed are the result of medical bills. Even people with health insurance end up saddled with debts that they cannot pay and could not possibly have avoided.

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Eliminating Medical Debt With Bankruptcy

Medical bills are among the easiest types of debt to have discharged through bankruptcy: Creditors cannot accuse you of fraud or of indulging in luxury goods. In addition, bankruptcy judges and trustees understand that medical debt is usually beyond the control of the debtors and are more understanding of the need to file for bankruptcy protection.

If you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your debts can be discharged completely in one fell swoop.

If you are not eligible for Chapter 7, you can most likely file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 allows you to make monthly payments for three to five years to pay as much of the debt back as you reasonably can. At the end of that time, all of your remaining debt will be discharged. Many Chapter 13 filers end up paying only pennies on the dollar.

Avoid Common Medical Debt Myths

There is no such thing as a "medical bankruptcy." For most individuals, there is only Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. If any business calling itself a debt relief agency tries to sign you up for a "medical bankruptcy," look elsewhere for relief.

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