Tickets, Boots and Impoundments

If you are on the boot list or your vehicle has been booted, you need to act right now to protect your vehicle. The City of Chicago and surrounding municipalities have been cracking down and toughening up on returning vehicles that get impounded, resulting in it being much more costly and much slower in recovering impounded vehicles. If you are at risk of your vehicle being impounded, you must act now.

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Tickets and Boots in Illinois. If you have accumulated more than three parking tickets, red light camera violations or automated speed zone camera violations, then your vehicle is eligible to be booted by the City of Chicago or local municipality. If a boot is placed on your vehicle for these violations, you will usually be towed and impounded within 24 hours. Once the City has your vehicle, they are not giving it up without a fight and a payment.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the City or municipality from placing a boot on your vehicle through the imposition of the Automatic Stay of Bankruptcy. If your vehicle has been booted but not yet towed, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will force the City or municipality to remove the boot. Once you have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, all of your parking tickets, red light tickets and speed zone tickets, along with your other debts, get consolidated into one monthly payment that is based on your budget. So long as you maintain your payments, your vehicle remains protected.

Impounded Vehicles in Illinois. In March 2017, the City of Chicago won on two motions in separate cases. In these decisions, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court determined that the City of Chicago was not required to release an impounded vehicle simply because of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. They further held that, since the City had a "possessory lien" on the vehicles once they were impounded, that the City must be paid in full as a secured creditor in any Chapter 13 plan. These decisions have severe consequences on individuals who are at risk of having their vehicles booted and impounded by the City of Chicago. It is presumed that all other municipalities will follow the City of Chicago's example and stop releasing impounded vehicles upon bankruptcy filings.

What these decisions mean to you is simple. If you file for bankruptcy protection before the City or municipality are able to impound your vehicle, then your outstanding tickets can be included in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy and paid at pennies on the dollar. If you wait until the City or municipality impounds your vehicle, then you will be required to make a lump sum down-payment to the City, usually $1,000.00, and then pay the balance to the City in full in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. Waiting to file can cost you thousands of dollars.

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