Debts That May be Worth Fighting for Discharge in Chapter 7

In most cases, Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers total debt discharge, allowing people who were struggling with debt to start over with a clean slate. Some debts, however, are not dischargeable. Some may or may not be dischargeable, depending on your circumstances.

In some of the latter cases, you may need to prove to the bankruptcy court that your debt should, indeed, be discharged under Chapter 7. If you need help fighting for a discharge, the experienced bankruptcy lawyers at Billbusters, Ledford, Wu & Borges, LLC are here to help. We have extensive experience handling bankruptcy cases for clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding region.

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When Is It Worth It To Fight?

When your debt falls into a grey area between dischargeable and not dischargeable, an experienced attorney can make all the difference. Consider the following examples:

  • Government benefit overpayments: This type of debt may be dischargeable, unless the debtor has obtained the benefits through fraud. If you have been accused of fraud in relation to debt, our attorneys can argue your case in the bankruptcy court.
  • Student loans: If you are experiencing "undue hardship" such as a disability, you student loan debt may be dischargeable, but you will need to prove it to the bankruptcy court.
  • Debt incurred due to injury to another person: A lawsuit judgment against you may not be dischargeable if you caused harm to another person. However, fighting the allegation could ensure that you can eliminate the debt through Chapter 7.

When arguing these cases, it is especially important to have an attorney on your side who knows bankruptcy law and can effectively argue your case in or out of court. Our attorneys are experienced trial advocates with more than 100 years combined experience in bankruptcy law. We will use our experience to help you achieve the most favorable result possible.

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