Debt Collection Timeline

You've been served with a summons for a debt you owe.

What next?

First, don't ignore the summons. The problem will not go away on its own.

Contact a Consumer Rights Lawyer

You may or may not recognize the creditor on the summons. Just because you don't recognize the creditor's name doesn't mean you don't owe the money - many collection agencies buy old debt and sue you for it.

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Typical Timeline in Debt Collection Cases

  • Legal judgment is entered against you. If you owe the debt, the judge often has no choice but to enter judgment against you. After that, the creditor is free to collect, and can force you to court to get answers from you about employment, bank accounts, real estate and other assets. If you refuse to go to court, you could be arrested and face jail time for a few days until the hearing.
  • Garnish your wages. Once the creditor figures out where you work, they will send a wage garnishment order to your job. Under Illinois law, a creditor can garnish 15 percent of your wages.
  • Freeze your bank accounts. If you have bank accounts, the creditor can freeze your bank accounts and take the money in those accounts (subject to state exemptions).

Creditors can also attach judicial liens to real estate you own now or will own in the future. In all of these cases, an attorney can help protect the rights you have as a consumer.

Stop Debt Collection with Consumer Bankruptcy Protection

Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates debt, stops wage garnishment, and unfreezes bank accounts. You can remove the lien on your home and protect yourself from liens on real estate you own in the future.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes debt and allows you to pay it back at a lower monthly amount, interest free, and in many cases for pennies on the dollar. This type of bankruptcy is recommended if you have disposable income but not enough to pay what your creditors want.

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