Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation is a way to settle debts without filing for bankruptcy. If you do not qualify for bankruptcy or feel it is within your means to pay for a portion of the debt you owe, it may be possible to negotiate with your creditors.

The attorneys at Billbusters, Ledford, Wu & Borges, LLC can negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. We are well versed in the laws that protect consumers from the unfair practices of creditors. We can use our knowledge of the law to pursue a favorable debt settlement for your credit card bills, medical bills, car loans or other types of debt.

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Cook County Credit Card Debt Reduction Lawyer

Leverage is important in any negotiation, including debt negotiation. If you are struggling with debt, the question you may face is: How can you gain the leverage you need to negotiate a favorable debt settlement with your creditor?

Perhaps the most important factor in conducting a successful debt negotiation is having an experienced attorney advocating for you. When your creditor knows you have one of the most experienced bankruptcy firms in Chicago negotiating on your behalf, he or she will likely be more flexible in offering a favorable debt settlement.

Certain factors can influence a creditor's decision. For instance, if you can demonstrate significant financial hardship such as a job loss or medical crisis, it may improve your chances of achieving a settlement that works for you.

While the process may seem complex and intimidating, our attorneys make it as simple and stress free as possible for our clients. We will let you know the information we need from you. We will handle all of the negotiation on your behalf and take care of the legal details. With an experienced debt relief lawyer on your side, you most likely won't ever have to talk to your creditor again.

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