Debt Settlement

Have you tried negotiating with a creditor to reach a debt settlement agreement? Credit card companies, banks and other creditors will never give you their best offer unless you show them you are serious. Having an experienced consumer rights attorney represent your interests sends a clear message that you mean business.

At Billbusters, Ledford, Wu & Borges, LLC, our attorneys have more than 100 years combined experience helping consumers throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We have successfully negotiated favorable debt settlements with numerous consumers just like you.

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Debt Settlement Solutions

When you meet with our attorneys to discuss your debt problem, we will work with you closely to gain an understanding of your situation. While every client has different needs, the following guidelines generally apply when seeking a favorable debt settlement:

  • Act quickly: Putting debt problems off is never helpful. Begin the debt settlement process as soon as possible before mounting interest, finance charges and late fees sink you deeper into debt.
  • Know your capabilities: Before reaching a debt settlement, we need an accurate assessment of how much you can realistically pay up front and per month. Having your finances in order can help us get a clear picture of your ability to pay down debt.
  • Explore your options: Debt settlement may be the best option for getting out of debt, but you have other tools at your disposal. We can help you explore all your debt relief options, including filing for bankruptcy. This has another potential benefit: If you are open to other options, your creditor may be more willing to settle.

Whether you are struggling with credit card debt, medical debt, or any other type of debt, it is important to protect your rights. Our lawyers have the experience to help you pursue your debt relief goals.

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