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Chicago Bankruptcy Question: Where are Section 341 Meetings held in Chicago Chapter 13s?

Chicago Bankruptcy Question of the Day: Where are Section 341 Meetings of Creditors held in Chicago Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases?  When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the Chicago area, a Chapter 13 trustee will be assigned to your case.  Which trustee is assigned depends on which county you file in.  If you are in Cook County, your trustee will be either Tom Vaughn or Marilyn Marshall.  If you are in one of the outlying counties in the Chicago area, your trustee will be Glenn Stearns.

Upon filing your case, you will also be scheduled for a Section 341 Meeting of Creditors.  It is the Chapter 13 trustee who conducts this meeting.  Your bankruptcy attorney should send you a notice of this meeting as soon as your case is filed.  You will also receive notice of this meeting from both the court and the trustee.  You must attend this meeting in order for your Chapter 13 bankruptcy to proceed.

Tom Vaughn conducts meetings at his office, which is located at 55 E. Monroe Street, Suite 3850, Chicago, IL 60603.  Marilyn Marshall also conducts her meetings at her office, which is located at 224 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60604.  If you are in Cook County, you will be assigned a meeting at one of these two locations.

Glenn Stearns conducts his meetings at one of three locations, as he is responsible for all of the "collar counties" and is good enough to not make debtors travel all the way to his primary office.  If you are in Will, Kendall, Grundy or LaSalle Counties, your meeting will be held at the Joliet City Hall, 150 W. Jefferson Street, 2nd Floor, Joliet, IL 60432.  If you are in DuPage or Kane Counties, your meeting will be held at 801 Warrenville Road, Suite 655, Lisle, IL 60532.  If you are in Lake County and your meeting is before 6/1/2012, your meeting will be held in the Park City Branch Courthouse, 301 Greenleaf, Courtroom B, Park City, IL 60085.  Effective 6/1/2012, the meeting location will be changed to the South Branch Court, 105 E. State Rte. 83, Mundelein, IL 60060.

Your bankruptcy attorney should attend your Section 341 Meeting of Creditors with you.  In the Chicago area, filing for Chapter 13 is a complex process and the representation by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is essential.  The bankruptcy attorneys at Ledford & Wu have years of experienced working with all of the Chapter 13 trustees in the Chicago area and can effectively represent you throughout the process.  Call today for a free consultation.

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