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Gary Dourdan wants a fresh start just like many in Illinois

Gary Dourdan, who was a member of the cast of the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" television series for eight seasons, has filed for bankruptcy protection. According to court documents, the actor's financial struggles began in 2010. Many people in Illinois can relate to Dourdan's desire for a fresh start.

Back in 2010, the actor found himself in court over credit card debt. Since that time, he has continued to struggle with his debt. With his home loan in danger of being foreclosed, the actor requested the court issue an injunction to stop Wells Fargo from auctioning his home. He claims the bank did not even attempt to offer him a plan for relief. On the same day he filed for the injunction, the filed for bankruptcy protection.

The actor reported in his bankruptcy papers that he has assets of approximately $1.8 million and debts of approximately $1.73 million. In addition, he reports income of $14,883 a month. However, he only has disposable income of $321 per month after his bills. Gary Dourdan's financial situation illustrates that no matter how much a person makes, they can still struggle financially.

Filing for bankruptcy protection may help provide the fresh start many people crave. Not only will filing bankruptcy stop any collection efforts or lawsuits in their tracks so long as the bankruptcy is open, but it may also give the filer the opportunity to save their home. Many consumers and homeowners in Illinois may be in the same situation Dourdan is in through no fault of their own. The recession has left very few people untouched in some way.

Source:, "Dourdan files for bankruptcy," Nov. 12, 2012

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