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February 2013 Archives

Be wary when considering consolidation to achieve debt relief

There are still many people in Illinois that are struggling to recover from the impact of the recession. Those same people may be looking for debt relief options such as consolidation. There are risks involved in using debt consolidation, whether it is in the form of a home equity loan or consolidating all credit card debt onto one - often new - credit card.

New law in Illinois may save some homeowners from foreclosure

There is a new law in Illinois that is set to take effect on June 1. The new law has to do with the foreclosure process and assistance for homeowners that find themselves facing foreclosure. It is hoped that this law will help the housing market recover and perhaps even save some homeowners from losing their homes.

Financial problems can sneak up on Illinois residents

The economy has left many people living from paycheck to paycheck. At times, people use credit cards in order to keep their heads above water each month. Before they know it, many Illinois consumers may find themselves with financial problems.

Debt Collectors Popping Up on Facebook and Twitter

We're spending more of our time on sites like Twitter and Facebook, communicating with friends and family and acquaintances. For some people, Twitter and Facebook are their primary means of communication.

New study shows college students have financial problems

Many consumers in Illinois are aware of the dangers of using credit cards. Unfortunately, college students are still under the mistaken impression that getting a credit card is the only way they can begin to build a credit history. Credit cards are one of the reasons that some college students have financial problems before they even graduate.

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