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Taxpayers Swarm IRS Website for Info on Refunds

If you owe taxes to the IRS, you're going to hear about it.

But if the IRS owes you money - your tax refund - you should just be patient and wait and stop checking the IRS website every two seconds.

Because the IRS says that you taxpayers are bogging down its site.

The Associated Press quotes an IRS rep: "I think what we're seeing is just a natural evolution in the tax refund process. 25 years ago, you desperately checked the mailbox every day."

We're not sure that "desperate" is quite the word the IRS should use. Tax refunds can be a lot of money. For many people, especially those who have struggled in this economy, tax refunds aren't chump change (last year they averaged roughly $2,800 per taxpayer). And if you need it to make ends meet, you'd like to know when it's coming.

"For a lot of folks this is the biggest check they will see all year," the IRS said.

But if you're one of those unlucky taxpayers who owe the IRS, if you get anything from the IRS, it's going to be a collection letter or something like it. In that case, you'll want to consider an IRS offer in compromise, which can help you settle unpaid tax debt, often for less than what you owe.

Source: IRS to taxpayers: Stop swamping our website!

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