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Illinois debt relief: Improving credit score without credit cards

There may be many Illinois consumers that have been told that credit cards are essential to improve a credit score. This may be particularly important to those who have recently filed bankruptcy since rebuilding credit is often a challenging task in the months following this form of debt relief. However, consumers don't have to have credit cards in order to improve credit.

There are many people who have received a fresh start from a bankruptcy who have made the decision not to use credit cards ever again. So the question then becomes how to rebuild a credit score without them. Many people who come out of bankruptcy still have an auto loan or mortgage. These loans will also help to rebuild credit, even if it's not as efficient as having a credit card.

Of course, it may also be possible to obtain a secured credit card in order to achieve the same credit score improving benefits of other credit cards. This would allow the score to improve without putting the consumer into debt. Many people use these cards in order to more quickly build credit to buy a home or automobile.

Many people who have filed bankruptcy already had a low credit score prior to the bankruptcy. Rebuilding that credit without going back into debt with credit cards is possible. The value of bankruptcy as a debt relief tool far outweighs any immediate need for an improved credit score for many Illinois consumers. It may seem weird at first, but living without credit cards can happen.

Source:, "Here's How To Never Use A Credit Card Again," Jeff Hindenach, July 24, 2013

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