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October 2013 Archives

Dealing with financial problems related to medical bills

Very few people in Illinois are prepared to handle a medical emergency financially. For this reason, many people end up with financial problems after a long hospital stay or expensive procedure. Even with insurance, the amount of medical bills can be overwhelming. For those without insurance, or if insurance will not cover a procedure, hospital or doctor, the financial impact can be devastating.

The 'Lucrative Alliance' Between Healthcare And Finance

Even if you have health insurance or are on Medicare, that in no way guarantees that all your medical bills will be covered. In fact, a great many things aren't covered in some circumstances, which is one reason why medical bills are one of the chief causes of personal bankruptcy.

Big Banks Not Following Terms Of Agreement For Struggling Homeowners

You can't blame the bank for foreclosing and repossessing your home if you fall behind on mortgage payments. Actually, that's not right. You can blame the bank or other lender, given that these banks haven't followed the letter of the law during the home foreclosure process.

Avoiding financial problems from student loan payments

These days, a large number of college graduates in Illinois start their careers with debt because they took out student loans in order to get their degrees. Fortunately, repayment of those loans doesn't begin until six months after graduation. This can give new graduates time to prepare in order to avoid financial problems in the future.

Converse Is King Of Sneakers After Bankruptcy

It's 2013 and sneaker company Converse is going strong. But just a handful of years ago it wasn't, as Laura Lorenzetti writes for Quartz. Converse filed for bankruptcy in 2001 after more than a century in the shoe-making business. Two years after that iconic Nike bought the company and helped bring Converse to more than a billion in annual revenue today.

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