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Bankrate's '8 Signs Of Financial Ruin'

According to Bankrate, there are 8 signs of impending financial ruin. If you're "flirting" with a few of these signs, you may be headed in the wrong direction. The 8 signs are:

1. Paying late fees and juggling bills

2. Counting on a future windfall

3. Carrying multiple credit card balances

4. Fighting with your loved one over money

5. Paying overdraft fees regularly

6. You're not putting anything away in savings

7. Making ends meet using your retirement account

8. Taking equity out of your home for loans

Many of the items in this list speak for themselves. For instance, if you're paying late fees and overdraft fees, that means you're running out of cash. If you're not putting anything away in savings, that means you're leaving yourself vulnerable to having to make ends meet with credit cards and personal loans.

One item isn't so obvious, which is fighting with your loved one over money. The Bankrate article says that it's not unusual for couples to fight over money, but if fighting over money happens a bit too often, it could be a sign that there's just not enough money to go around.

But what wasn't said was that fighting over money with your spouse or partner on a regular basis may be a sign of deeper trouble over debt, but a deeper trouble that can be fixed through not only credit counseling but debt negotiation. In some cases, bankruptcy can be an option, too.

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