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March 2016 Archives

Military members frequent victims of aggressive debt collecting

Managing finances is a challenging aspect for many people living in Illinois. They must meet their living needs while also trying to save money for a rainy day. Unfortunately, if they have a car loan, mortgage, kids to take care of and student debt, any unexpected emergency could topple the fragile financial structure of their lives. Additionally, this debt is often turned over to debt collectors who use threats and intimidation as a way to get the money.

Scheduling of the meeting of creditors

If you are filing for personal bankruptcy, it is mandatory that you attend what is referred to as the meeting of creditors. Our staff at Ledford Wu & Borges LLC understand that the bankruptcy process can be confusing and you may have questions as to how this meeting is scheduled.

What is a zombie title?

If you own a home in the Chicago area and you have fallen behind in your payments, then you may have received or be close to receiving a notice of foreclosure. If the bank has already taken this step, then you should acquaint yourself with a zombie title. According to Reuters, the zombie title is a title that remains in your name after a bank initiates foreclosure proceedings.

A 'Grand Slam' Nomination: President Obama Nominates Merrick Garland for the SCOTUS Bench

This morning, Merrick Garland stood at the podium in the Rose Garden, President Obama to his left, Vice President Biden to his right, and spoke of the honor of being nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The importance of checking your credit report

If you are like most people in Cook County, you understand the important role that a credit report plays in your life. Yet, we know here at Ledford Wu & Borges LLC that you probably don’t check that report very often. Failing to check that report, however, could hurt you as there may be incorrect information on it.

Business bankruptcy and personally guaranteed loans

Many people who started their Cook County business from the ground up may have personally given their guarantee in order to obtain credit or financing. However, now that business is financially failing and bankruptcy is the only option left to try to save it. Many people believe that the bankruptcy will eliminate their personal liability concerning that debt but this may not be the case.

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