Mistakes in the insurance directory can cause massive debt

It is supposed to be a book of information designed to help those who need medical care find the right professional. Not only does it have a list of medical providers and their contact information, but the list is supposed to include those who are covered within your insurance.

The whole point is to eliminate the headache of finding a doctor covered by your plan, right? Well, maybe not.

Unfortunately, these directories are not always kept up to date. This can result in a patient seeking care from a physician who is not within his or her plan. Care outside of coverage can result in bills - big bills.

The issue has become so prevalent MedCityNews ran a publication delving into the problem. The piece notes that federal rules are in place to help better ensure these directories are up to date. A failure to update these directories can result in penalties or removal of the listing from the directory or portal. Even with these rules, directories are failing to stay current.

How big of an impact can a directory mistake have?

Anyone that has sought medical care can attest to the high cost. From a quick stop to check for a sinus infection or strep, to an emergency visit after an accident, a simple visit can cost hundreds and a serious injury can jump into tens of thousands in the blink of an eye. If the provider was outside of the patient's network, that patient may be expected to cover the full cost of care.

Fortunately, those who find themselves struggling with medical debt have options. One such option is relief through bankruptcy.

How can bankruptcy help with medical debt?

If approved, a petition for relief through bankruptcy can result in the discharge of medical debt. Essentially, this means that you are no longer responsible for the debt.

Determining if bankruptcy is the right option to find relief from you debt is a difficult decision. As a result, it is wise for those considering bankruptcy or struggling with debt to contact an experienced attorney. Your lawyer can review your situation and discuss the best option to help meet your needs.

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