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Chicago bankruptcy judge rules that receipt of discharge is necessary to strip off a wholly unsecured second mortgage from a residence.

As homeowners struggle to keep up with their financial obligations in the current economy, many have turned to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 cases, like all bankruptcy cases, are handled by the federal court system.  The Northern District of Illinois includes all of Cook County and it's collar counties, including Will, DuPage, Lake, Kane, LaSalle, Grundy and Kendall.  Each bankruptcy district may interpret sections of the Bankruptcy Code differently, which means that what a person can do with a bankruptcy in their district may differ from what can be done in another district.

Bankruptcy Discharge in Chicago

Whether filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the goal of every filer is to receive a bankruptcy discharge.  The discharge is the court order which frees the person filing for bankruptcy protection from the legal liability and responsibility for their debts.  One of the more difficult parts about filing for bankruptcy protection is determining which debts can be discharged, which debts are non-dischargeable and which debts fall into a grey area and are questionably dischargeable.

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