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Can student loan debt be discharged in bankruptcy?

U.S. bankruptcy law has a number of interesting and complex rules that determine exactly which debts can be fully discharged, and which are exempt from discharge. These also help to identify the shades of gray that come in when there are items that may only be discharged under certain circumstances. These myths help to fuel a large number of misconceptions about bankruptcy, such as the common perception that student loan debt cannot be discharged.

Emergency care and medical debt: Is it dischargeable in bankruptcy?

Medical bills can be astronomical. This is true whether the care involves out-patient care or more serious, emergency situations. This reality was recently discussed in a piece by the Associated Press.

Mistakes in the insurance directory can cause massive debt

It is supposed to be a book of information designed to help those who need medical care find the right professional. Not only does it have a list of medical providers and their contact information, but the list is supposed to include those who are covered within your insurance.

Forcing The Sale Of Detroit's Multibillion-Dollar Art Collection

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) has taken center stage in the wake of the Detroit bankruptcy, which was the largest city bankruptcy filing in U.S. history. As Mark Stryker and Nathan Bomey report for the Detroit Free Press, creditors have asked the court to establish a committee to help evaluate, independently, the worth of the Detroit-owned DIA's art collection.

Paradox: More Bankruptcy Filings In Boom Times

Annie Baxter for American Public Media reports that in some areas of the country, bankruptcy filings are "plummeting," but that doesn't necessarily mean people are any better off. Baxter quotes law professor Melissa Jacoby: "We don't always see a perfect alignment between good times and low bankruptcy filings."

The 'Lucrative Alliance' Between Healthcare And Finance

Even if you have health insurance or are on Medicare, that in no way guarantees that all your medical bills will be covered. In fact, a great many things aren't covered in some circumstances, which is one reason why medical bills are one of the chief causes of personal bankruptcy.

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